About Geminai

Jeremy and I (Kippy) met in a photography chat room online in 2004 and soon found ourselves starting a life together. With similar passions for photography, kayaking and life in general, we bring to the table a wide variety of talents to enhance your business or personal identity.

I have worked in print media/publishing since 1995, spending 15 years as Art Director of powersports trade magazines, 5 years in newspaper production, and now as Art Director for Nevada Magazine. Jeremy has worked as an IT professional, with an emphasis in network support, since 1996.

Both FAA certified drone pilots with the ability to photograph nearly anything else, we are happy to take on almost any project or assist you in finding someone who can.

Please reach out if you have a project in mind and aren’t sure what route to take. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.



My self-portrait, taken by Bonsai Rock, North Shore of Lake Tahoe, took first place for Best Portrait (out of all magazines and urban weekly newspapers) in the 2019 NPA Awards.

2019 Nevada Press Association Awards – Magazine Results

  • 1st place, Best Portrait (Magazines & Urban Weeklies). Judge’s comments: “Beautiful image, composition, light striations in the water, color and clarity. The drone view really makes this image unique.”
    • 1st & 3rd place, Best In-House Promotions.
    • 3rd place, Best Page 1 (cover) design.
    Judge’s comments: “The quality of the photos combined with the simple and clean layout makes this a very attractive product, and having the logo match the photo colors is a subtle touch that provides cohesion.
    • 2nd place, Best Ad Series.
    • 2nd place, General Excellence.

    2018 Nevada Press Association Awards – Magazine Results

    • 1st place, Best In-House Promotion.
    • 2nd place, Best Graphic Designer. Judge’s comment: “Nice clean design.”
    • 2nd place, Best Ad Series.
    • 3rd place, Best Special Event.
    • Nevada Magazine – 1st place, General Excellence. Judge’s comments: “A sucker for photography, I thought the covers were strong on three of the four mags and enjoyed the Great Nevada Picture Hunt. If your first-place photo doesn’t scream “THIS IS NEVADA! THIS IS THE WEST!” I don’t know what would. Good job. The top three were all very close, and your covers just edged out the others.”

    2017 Nevada Press Association Awards – Magazine Results

    • 1st place, Best Overall Design. Judge’s comments: “This is an incredibly well designed and thoughtful magazine. I love the consistency of good design, which is different from a consistent feeling magazine where everything starts to feel the same. The features throughout are engaging, visually compelling, and well planned. Great piece.
    • 1st and 3rd place, Best In-House Promotion.
    • 3rd place, Best Graphic Designer. Judge’s comment: “This is one of the better submissions by far. There’s a lot of stiff competition in this category.
    • Nevada Magazine – 2nd place, General Excellence.