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My friend Sarah Morey asked me, about four years ago, if I’d be interested in joining her in a project. For a couple years, she had been taking photos of families who couldn’t manage the cost of professional portraits, right before the holidays. A little intimidated but flattered, I pretty much immediately said yes. Since then, I’ve joined this growing group of photographers (except last year, I was overextended and couldn’t make it happen) and every year I wonder who gets more out of this – the photographers, or the photographed.

This year was no exception and although it was cold as can be this November Nevada day on the Capitol grounds, Jeremy and I had a great time meeting new people, and trying to capture some decent photos of them in the 15 or so minutes we had per family. Below I’ve shared my initial favorites from each family I photographed – hopefully they will all be happy, as well, with these and the rest of the images I process for them.

Loved having three beautiful generations in this portrait. They were a super easy “first family” for me to start my day with.

A mom and son I’d photographed years ago at one of these events, it was great to see them again.

This little boy has a totally amazing smile, but I was really moved by him hugging his baby sister.

This family had the most amazing, charismatic, respectful and super sweet kids, and yet it was this photo of them together that grabbed me. They were truly two of the nicest people, with some of the best kids.

So. much. energy. Haha. These boys were full of it, but they were a wonderful, photogenic family.

This little girl just stole my heart. The moment this family arrived, she ran up to me and hugged my legs tightly. Those of you who know me well know I’m more of a dog person than a kid person, but she melted my heart.

Lastly, here were the folks who made today happen, minus one who had to leave early. I’m so honored to be a part of this project once again.

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